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The Isis Alliance Program provides resources to help build and promote your Isis Ready™ solution

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Point-of-Sale Leaders Integrate Isis SmartTap™ Capabilities into Product Offerings

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The Isis Alliance Program is designed for a wide range of companies who provide the services and support that make up the eco-system of technology solutions for merchants across many industries.

Primary focus is for:

  • POS Solution Provider
  • POS Hardware OEM
  • POS Software OEM
  • Reseller / Dealer
  • ISO
  • POS Service Provider / Integrator
  • Payments Service Provider
  • Acquiring Merchant Services Provider (MSP) – ISO / Agent
  • Technology Platform ISO (MSP and offers a Payment Gateway Platform)
  • Payment Middleware Provider (Gateway / Software)
  • Bank Card Processor (Major US Platform)

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